A fairly standard instrument that does not require any special expertise or involvement. It is the perfect choice for any investor who is looking for stability and reliability of investments and is prepared to incur moderate financial costs and save time.

Different levels of involvement and participation – from independent control and supervision of the business to 100% trust-based management – may be chosen for this instrument. It’s up to you to choose to what extent you and your family members will be involved in this process. This segment guarantees high profits and ensures an average annual return on your investment of 10–15%.

A unique opportunity to control a share in major investment projects. Even with a small initial capital (from EUR 150,000), you can become a co-investor of a large-scale project in the fields such as profitable real estate, production, or service provision. Depending on your needs and preferences, the degree of your involvement in the project may vary.

Federal Republic of Germany - the best investment option in Europe

Еxpansion of business in the Western Europe: Germany 40%, United Kingdom 22%, France 11%


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Exclude or minimise risks

Guarantee a stable income while requiring moderate investment

Ensure a profitability level comparable to, or exceeding the highest interest rate offered by banks

Guarantee a high liquidity (return on investment) rate

Allow one to invest in reliable European medium-sized enterprises